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RYSCO ProductsIn addition to determination of monitoring locations, equipment selection and specification is one of the most important elements of internal corrosion monitoring. Once a monitoring location has been determined, it is equally important to position the weight-loss corrosion coupon within the most representative area of the pipeline. For instance, if the desire is to monitor bottom of the line corrosion (free water, emulsion) then it is important that the weight-loss corrosion coupon be placed in the bottom of the line. For top of the line corrosion, the weight-loss corrosion coupon should be mounted in flush to the top of the line. For multiple phase monitoring, ladder fittings are available to mount a series of weight-loss corrosion coupons. Corrosion mitigation strategies (corrosion inhibition applications, pigging activities) can also be monitored and assess for effectiveness by weight-loss corrosion coupons as well. A weight-loss corrosion coupon placed flush with the pipe wall at the 6 o’clock position will experience the same corrosion mitigation that the pipe wall experiences. Additionally, trap coupons can be used to see stagnant water conditions that can be representative of topographical low spots in a pipeline where it may be normally difficult to install internal corrosion monitoring. When timed with batching and pigging operations, this can be an effective monitoring strategy.

RYSCO Corrosion Services can provide the most suitable equipment and installation designed to meet your internal corrosion monitoring needs. All equipment used and sold by RYSCO Corrosion Services are compliant with NACE MR0175 (Sour Service) and have applicable CRN registration where required.    

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