Electronic Probes, Loggers

services-corrosion-thumbThe use of electronic technologies for the monitoring of internal corrosion on pipelines is an accepted process, and is often a method selected for specific projects. Electronic probes are available in plug, retractable, and access fitting configurations, dependent on the availability of existing fittings on the pipeline. There are many electronic methods for corrosion monitoring. RYSCO Corrosion Services supplies, installs, and services the most common commercial products available – including Electrical Resistance (ER), Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR), and Galvanic. Probes are available in intrusive or flush mount configurations.

The primary advantage to electronic monitoring is the ability to monitor corrosion events in close to real time capacity (i.e. hourly intervals) versus the time weighted average reported with weight-loss corrosion coupons.

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