Failure Analysis

Failure AnalysisFailure Analysis reporting can be completed on failed sections of oil and gas pipelines, or on pipeline cut outs commonly referred to as coupons. Straight forward reporting for pit depth and wall thickness concerns can be used for verification inspections on ILI pig runs.

Failure AnalysisReporting includes the determination of internal and/or external corrosion sites, as well as the determination of suspected root cause mechanisms. Conclusions are supported by sound analytical testing, appropriate to each mechanism. Depending on the budgetary requirements, these techniques can include bacterial testing, XRD, FTIR, ICP-OE, CHNS, SEM, EDX, digital microscopy, and metal grain analysis.

RYSCO Corrosion is able to provide additional information on pit morphology using digital 3d modeling of failure sites. This digitally preserves observed anomalies in the event that destructive testing is also specified in the analysis.

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