Depth of Cover (DOC)

services-depth-of-cover-thumbCSA Z662 requires that owners of buried assets such as pipelines maintain a minimum level of ground cover, based on the land use above the pipeline. RYSCO Corrosion Services is able to provide survey results for buried pipeline in support of ECDA practices and to ensure compliance with CSA Z662 requirements. DOC measurements are an important factor for asset integrity, especially at creek/river crossings where there may be erosion along the banks.

During the locate procedure for identification of a buried pipeline, RYSCO Corrosion Services is able to identify the GPS center-line of the buried pipeline, along with a determination of the Depth of Cover (DOC) corrected for the diameter of the pipeline. While logging the pipeline location, RYSCO Corrosion Services’ technicians record the land use for correlation with the required Depth of Cover. Depth of Water can also be determined in the same way, but with the additional use of SONAR for depth determination.

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