Electronic Probes (ER, LPR, Galvanic)

services-electronic-probes-thumbAn alternate or complimentary method of internal corrosion monitoring is the use of electronic probes. The most common types of probes used in oil and gas production are Electrical Resistance (ER), Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR), and Galvanic. Electronic probes are subject to the same conditions for location selection and representativeness as weight-loss corrosion coupons. Consequently, specification of dimensions, locations, and position are an important factor in the selection of the proper equipment.

As there can be many influences related to the accuracy of electronic probe data, it is considered best practice to validate the data provided by electronic monitoring with an additional method such as weight-loss corrosion coupons (mechanical). In doing so, confidence in the measured electronically generated data is increased. RYSCO Corrosion Services is able to supply, install, maintain, report, and support all facets of internal corrosion monitoring related to electronic monitoring.

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