Lab Analysis/Reporting

services-lab-analysis-thumbOnce weight-loss corrosion coupons are removed from service (exposure period completed), they must be cleaned, weighed, examined, and measured to determine the pitting corrosion rate and the general corrosion rate. Observations are made by Corrosion Technicians in the field to capture and describe the condition of the weight-loss corrosion coupons immediately after removal from the monitoring location. Upon arrival at the lab, the coupons are cataloged and prepared for analysis.

The weight-loss corrosion coupon analysis completed by RYSCO Corrosion Services complies with NACE SP0775-2013 ‘Preparation, Installation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Corrosion Coupons in Oilfield Operations’. This includes the use of digital photography to capture all exposed portions of the weight-loss corrosion coupon before and after analysis has been completed. Reporting is provided on the current analysis, along with historical corrosion rate plots for General Corrosion Rate and Pitting Corrosion Rate.

Online reporting is also available for both weight-loss corrosion coupons and electronic probes. Cloud reporting is intended to supplement the standard issued reporting, and provides a representation of the data visually, rather than simply tables and graphs. The associated data is provided with user filtering and interactions, allowing customization for trends or data layering.

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