APQ Corrosion Inhibitor Residuals

quatboxRYSCO Corrosion Services is able to provide APQ corrosion inhibitor residual analysis at the time of sampling, in the field – based on a water sample collected either at the time of coupon removal, or from a separate water sample. APQ corrosion inhibitors are typical of water-soluble, continuously applied inhibitors. As a technique for monitoring, the corrosion inhibitor residual analysis can be used to verify the presence of the inhibitor in the water phase.

Of particular importance, however, is the presence of the corrosion inhibitor at the pipe wall. To verify this, RYSCO Corrosion Services is able to measure the residual amount from an exposed coupon surface. This is especially important for evaluation purposes, and provides a level of confidence much greater than CID testing. This technique works best when used in conjunction with flush mount coupons, however it can be completed on any internally exposed surface.

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