Copper Ion Displacement

service-copper-ionCopper Ion Displacement is a test used to verify the presence of protective films on carbon steel, and is a test used to evaluate the presence of corrosion inhibitor films on exposed carbon steel. RYSCO Corrosion Services commonly completes this testing on coupons that have been pulled from the system for internal corrosion analysis. Current testing involves the removal of existing hydrocarbon films through immersion of the weight-loss corrosion coupon in an accepted hydrocarbon solvent (so as not to remove corrosion inhibitor filming). With the hydrocarbon film removed, the sample is then misted with a solution of copper sulfate. If the carbon steel sample (commonly a weight-loss corrosion coupon) has no film, then the copper sulfate solution will turn the misted sample a copper color. If a film is present, the sample will not change color.

This can be considered a subjective test, with the potential for some interference in the results. Consequently, it should only be used as a complimentary test to additional verification. RYSCO Corrosion Services is currently evaluating emerging technologies to add precision and accuracy to this test method.

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